FIP 01 - Introduction of fUSD - a hard pegged USD stablecoin

Hey guys, had another brainstorming session last night and came up with some new names for the LSD backed stablecoins.

0.1 Beta
Feth / Xeth (remains the same)

0 Beta
FxUSD / FxETH - (Lido)
FxRUSD / FxRETH - (Rocket Pool)
FxCBUSD / FxCBETH (Coinbase)
FxFrxUSD / FxFrxETH (Frax)

This naming convention alleviates confusion a bit I think.

One other thought I had was to reformat the FX Website to have categories for the different types of products FX will create in the future. I created a quick mock-up based on the Prisma Finance website.

The header can look something like this…

The token selection can be in boxes like this…

When you click on one tokens you get the typical FX screen like this…

Here is one mock up I made based on the beethoven X site

This is just examples to get people thinking. Obviously we don’t want to copy what Prisma did, just trying to illustrate what it might look like. After talking a bit with Sharlyn, I realize how important a bribe market is for FX. I think a design like this might get LSDs to notice and want to bribe the rebalance pools. This is a format they are already accustomed to.

People can choose their favorite LSD or Farming token to create a stable version of.

Open to feedback