Boule: Listing Klima DAO & Saddle Finance

Liquidity Curation through Big Brains
As a group of world class experts in DeFi, the AladdinDAO Boule are responsible for identifying and voting the most promising DeFi projects and enabling AladdinDAO community members to enjoy the returns of their liquidity mining programs.

Voting Mechanism
Any project can apply to be listed on AladdinDAO. However the project needs to be nominated by at least one boule member to initiate voting process.

Boule members vote through ALDVOTE. They can either upvote, downvote or be neutral to a project.

For any project to be listed on Aladdin for liquidity mining, they must fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

Over 50% of boule members vote and a majority of the votes are “Yes”.
The percentage of “Yes” votes is 20% more than the percentage of “No” votes.
These criteria ensure that sufficient consensus can be achieved, given the high costs associated with listing new projects. They also prevent potential attacks and collusions during the voting process.

Since 31 OCT 2021, if boule think they don’t have enough information about the project or if they are neutral to the project, a neutral vote is added to the yes or no vote. Neutral votes will not be used to calculate boule member performance.

Here is the details about the new change:

Decision overturn: If any boule member strongly disagrees with the Boule’s decision, they can call for a vote by all ALD token holders. A decision can be overturned if the below conditions are met:

A quorum of over 20% circulating token holders participating
Over 51% agreement

Project 1: Klima DAO
Klima DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and DeFi protocol that aims to drive climate action via a carbon-backed, algorithmic currency - its KLIMA token.
Its goal is to encourage emissions cuts by pushing up the price of carbon assets.

Presentation in meeting: KlimaDAO - Google 簡報

Project 2: Saddle Finance
Saddle is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) on the Ethereum blockchain, optimized for trading pegged value crypto assets with minimal slippage. Saddle enables fast, low-cost, and low-slippage swaps for traders and high-yield pools for LPs.

Official Website: Saddle
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @saddle_announcements

Here is some introduction about projects above in AladdinDAO’s Boule Research Meeting.

You may only cast one vote (either Yes/No/Neutral) for each project, otherwise it will be considered invalid. Only Yes and No votes will be counted as part of performance/rewards calculations.


  1. Klima DAO Yes
  2. Klima DAO No
  3. Klima DAO Neutral
  4. Saddle Finance Yes
  5. Saddle Finance No
  6. Saddle Finance Neutral

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Boule voting result:

Klima DAO:0 Yes 2 Neutral 6 No
Saddle:5 Yes 1 Neutral 2 No

None of them passed our voting process

Here is boule plus voting result:

Klima DAO: 95Yes 8Neutral 17No
Saddle Finance: 95Yes 6Neutral 12No

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