Proposal to launch Aladdin DAO products on Fraxtal starting with f(x) protocol

Launch Aladdin DAO products on Fraxtal, starting with f(X) protocol. f(x) protocol will launch on Fraxtal with a new pair fxsUSD and xFXS.

ETH L1 is increasingly becoming expensive and a whale chain. Aladdin DAO with related protocols under the Aladdin umbrella should therefore make their products more available on affordable L2’s. Fraxtal is uniquely positioned with their holistic approach in the design of the L2, which in the future will have one of the best interconnectivities with other L2s and blockchains. Fraxtal also has a innovative points program, which will keep on rewarding the most popular protocols. Early movers will get extra support in the beginning with possibility of extra rewards. Frax are strongly related to the CRV and CVX ecosystem, which makes them in a position to help f(x) protocol grow as it evolves and has a lot of natural synergies. CRV and CVX is launching on Fraxtal and moving liquidity over slowly. This is an opportunity to be part of what might be a larger shift in DeFi.

Read more about Fraxtal here: About Fraxtal | Fraxtal Docs
For information on the Frax DeFi products you can find them here: Frax Protocol | Fraxtal Docs

Launch f(x) protocol on Fraxtal. Launch a new pair (fxsUSD/xFXS), making this the only pair on Fraxtal until traction and success can be judged/determined. If successful a new discussion can be made to move more pairs/products/protocols over to Fraxtal.

Polling Period
The polling process begins now and will end at HH:MM UTC on DD/MM/YYYY. If Quorum is reached, a Snapshot Vote will be put up at HH:MM UTC on DD/MM/YYYY.

For Action taken if this proposal is accepted.
Against Action taken if this proposal is rejected.


This is not a bad idea. However, I hope the team can focus on listing on Base first as it helps to let non-Curve Ecosystem players join and use Protocol f(x).

Both have pros and cons. Personally think we have a lot more room to grow within the Frax/CVX/CRV ecosystem as most users still don’t know who Aladdin or FXN etc. are. I think launching on Fraxtal and getting pulling help from the relevant protocols is the way to do it. Imagine launching on Fraxtal with cvxUSD/xCVX, crvUSD/xCRV and fxsUSD/xFXS. I think those partners might be interested in launching on Fraxtal as well. I will reach out and hear.

To update on my earlier comment, Mich founder of Curve is interested in the project. Might be interested in moving forward with a pair on Fraxtal? Didn’t know what xCRV would be, so seems like even the founder of Curve did not know about f(x) protocol? If so, means there is still a lot of potential to get from those ecosystems… Telegram: Contact @fraxfinance