AIP-06: Proposal the new treasure management strategy between ALD, CLEV and CTR

As an ALD holder and user of Clever Finance/Concentrator products, I propose the following treasury management strategy between ALD, CLEV and CTR to generate additional value for ALD holders and fund further growth of the AladdinDAO ecosystem:

Short Summary:

  • Begin bonding CVX/CRV or other bribe asset in the ALD treasure using ALD
  • Introduce limited-discount bonding for CLEV and CTR using ALD.
  • Utilize ALD treasury assets to incentivize clevCVX/CVX LP for CLEV growth.
  • Reduce/Stop the CLEV/ETH and CTR/ETH bribe and Liquidity from the treasure
  • Reinvest the savings from reduced bribes back to clevCVX/CVX LP
  • Maintain above average fee sharing (75%) for veCLEV/veCTR holders.

The ALD should be the core governance token of AladdinDAO, similar to holding Berkshire Hathaway long-term. The ALD treasury should serve as the hub to aggregate bribe assets (CVX, CRV etc) to support ecosystem protocols (Concentrator, Clever, f(x)).

Given limited bribe resources, the high cost of bribing CTR/ETH and CLEV/ETH pairs is substantial despite low utilization. Redirecting these resources into higher growth opportunities like clevCVX/CVX can better serve the DAO’s objectives.

Introducing discounted ALD bonding for CLEV/CTR also encourages broader ecosystem participation and ALD value accrual. Consolidating bribes and governance influence in the treasury strengthens ALD’s position at the center of AladdinDAO for sustainable growth.

For the current CLEV and CTR holder, they can ve-lock their CLEV and CTR to enjoy above the average protocol fee sharing (75%) Or they can bond their CLEV/CTR to ALD with discount to invest the whole Aladdin Dao ecosystem.

For: I support the new treasure management strategy.
Against: I do not support this.