Value capture without reducing treasury's value

Prior to the text, this idea is based on yuming0x’s text in the link above,

Even avid innovators often have a blind spot when it comes to value capture, assuming that if value is created, rewards will follow.
-Stephan Michel, HBR-

and this phrase. This phase helped me think separately of ‘value creation’ and ‘value capture’.

While thinking about how to link Treasures’ value to ALD Token without reducing Treasures’ value, I read yuming0x’ text.

'Put treasury assets into +EV strategies, such as LPing for major pairs such as WBTC/ETH, or even trading. A part of the boule could potentially be allocated to just this effort alone, with their main job be

After reading this part of his article, I came up with an idea.

The way we operate Treasure assets is as follows. (All the numbers from here are just examples.)

If you look at our Treasure wallet now, we have the following assets.

1. Other tokens(Sushi, Crv) - Passive
 A) We don't swap these tokens with other assets to avoid damaging ALD's ETF nature.
 B) Put assets into strategies that meet the conditions of A)
   - CRV is used for CRV single staking, and Sushi is used for Sushi single staking.
 C) Ratio damage caused by roi differences in each strategy can be rebalanced at the rate before operation begins after result aggregation and settlement.
 D) Profit distribution ratio: 75% for ALD single pool staker 25% is re-input into strategy 
 F) Profit allocation method: Take a snapshot before operation starts, purchase ALD in the market as operating profit, and distribute it.
 G) Additional input for each 2 epoch + snapshot for each input.
2. Aldtoken - Active, Treasure wallet is our ETF basket. Is ALD need to stay here? 
 A) Configure something like active funds with ALD in the Treasure wallet.
 B) select a person or team in charge of operation.
 C) Find and insert the +EV strategy mentioned in Yuming0x's article.
 D) A cap is set for the amount of ALD allocated for each operation strategy.
 E) Whether to operate or not will be decided by Boule Plus vote after conducting the Alpha Strategy call in the same form as the current Research call.
 F) Swap the allocated ALD in the form of coins required to operate the strategy and input it.
 G) Profit distribution ratio: 40% is in charge of operation, 40% is re-inputting strategy, which increases the profits of the management manager again, and 20% is ALD single pool staker.
 H) Profit allocation method: Take a snapshot before operation starts, purchase ALD in the market as operating profit, and distribute it.

- A single pool staker, like any other pool, will receive mined ALDs. Given the current Treasure status, it will be difficult to feel additional benefits from dividends. However, this is a long term trip with Aladdin’s Treasure wallet.
- Each operation strategy can take a single pool staker snapshot.
- There is no problem if this can hold more than one-third of miners with the Treasure Fund Management + Equity share system because Aladdin takes 10% of the total mining amount and 29% of the mining amount.
- In the end, although it has not escaped from the framework of Equity share, it can link the value of Treasure wallet to ALD token without reducing the value of Treasure. (If dividends are made with operating income, dividends will also increase as the Treasure value increases, which will be a value capture.)
- I have seen someone classifies users who deposit in Vault as real users and classifies them differently from existing holders, but there is no need for that.
- Real users, who are relatively far from current ALD token holding, are given proof of value and holding merit to become community members.
- On the other hand, holding merit is also granted to existing holders(nor real users) who purchased ALD’s business model.
- The key is that regardless of the inflow path, ALD should be viewed and all feel the same (value).
- In the end, everyone becomes a community member who shouts “Long only” regardless of the inflow path through value capture.
- Need a page that tracks the operation status of each strategy and shows it intuitively.
- The ultimate goal of this strategy: finally pegging or at least proportional to the value of Treasure and the marketcap of ALD.