Staking Pool allowing only $ALD paired assets

Single pair staking pools, such as $ald3CRV, doesn’t prevent dumping $ALD compared to ETH/ALD, USDC/ALD. Therefore, these pools consistently encourage selling $ALD, which undermines restoring $ALD value. Of course, Staking pools should allow more benefit than vaults. But it should also be risky enough to protect project’s core value. What do you guys think about allowing only $ALD paired assets at staking pool? (see down below how people invest in aladdin dao - no risk, easy money) Let’s stop $ALD core value from being devastated.

significant tvl gap between risk pool and no-risk pool


长期来看ALD的抛压随着头矿结束压力应该没那么大了,不过短期我个人建议Staking Pool只允许ALD配对资产 因为之前头矿的影响和部分投资人的不看好或者保本行为,对ALD盘口压力还是很大的,telegram群和discord群中都有反馈,这只羊不能再薅了,再薅就要秃噜皮了,社区反馈镰刀已经割到脚脖子了,想想以后 所以短期我支持一切ALD变相锁仓行为
In the long run, the selling pressure of ALD should not be as great as the top mining ends. However, in the short term, I personally recommend gambling pools with only ALD matching assets because of the influence I allow and the disapproval or capital preservation behavior of some investors. The pressure on the mouth is still very high. The telegram and the discordant group feedback, the lamb can no longer squat, and the bald heron is no longer skinned, and the feedback sickle is cut to the ankle. I think the community will support all ALD lock-in behaviors in the short term.

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Great thinking.

I personally think it’s better to just increase the weight of $ALD risk pools and no need to remove risk-free pools.

The core value of staking is to reward those who have contributed to the protocol. There are two things right now that should be incentived - TVL and $ALD Liquidity. Both these two things are important to the protocol. But Liquidity Providers do have more risks. So we do need more incentive on risk pools.


For example we can increase the weight of risk pools from 100 to 500.


Thats actually great idea!
Giving more weight sounds very reasonable.
Rewarding risk would clearly be working.

its fantastic IDEA! i love you

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