Single pair $ALD staking proposal

What do you guys think about this?
Will it help restoring the value of $ALD?


Recently the community has discussed about how ALD holders can gain from staking.

I suggest adding an ALD stake pool, making the pool now from 6 to 7, and the weight of the ALD pool is consistent with other pools, so that it is fair to the ALD holders.

Aladdin can also distribute part of its fees to reward staking holders?

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Great idea taking $ALD holders equaly serious.

Considering recent high emmision of $ALD, rewards other than $ALD would be more promising. What do you guys think?


This is my personal opinion, but I think the ALD single pool is one of the causes of increasing selling pressure.

Because of the booster rewards, it will be a good source of revenue for the rewarded whales. Their deposits lead to market disturbances. They already have free booster rewards. It will also secure a single pool for additional revenue.

As a result, the share of holders will be very low. This could eventually result in another selling pressure on the whales. With this system, new investors will turn away from ALD.

definitely yeah.
plus, should consider more approaches such as increasing farming weight, fee accrual etc.

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Totally agree that starting another $ALD reward pool will cause more inflation. How do you think of other rewards that is not $ALD?

Under normal circumstances, I would prefer xALD

But for now, in the case of xALD, it can also be second dumping playground for whales that mined ALD through the booster period.

I think it would be better to give a choice to the amount of whales mined during the booster period, and if they choose staking, give the reward in another coin.

It seems like a good idea to release xALD after gradually resolving the selling pressure in the same way as above.

I think both should be released eventually.

And also, it is necessary that the project team buy the excess supply in the market little by little at the same time.

It doesn’t seem like a problem that will be solved by a single solution.


How do u guys think about $ALD rewards locked up for certain period?
It can prevent short term $ALD dump and help holders invest long term period.

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There are some plans on it. Maybe it will be released soon

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