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New token economic plan - Crougeur
A huge shift for Aladdin

  • Contributors talking about PCV identified its super valuable and generalises well with our model.

The plan now

  • Stop minting ALD in a fixed schedule. Instead bonding will dictate emission schedule.
  • Initially we will be using our current vaults. 100% of yield and protocol tokens generated from vaults will automatically go though bonding system, were yields go into treasury, and discount rate of $ALD given, to the value of the original yield + token minted.
  • Principle assets, stable coin, eth, btc can also be bonded for ALD.
  • Upon minting new ALD, some of the newly minted coin will be allocated to the staking pool.
  • Participants will able to stake and earn with ALD through the staking pool, with manageable APY.
  • Treasury is sort of index for protocol tokens picked by the Boule
  • ALD token holders get access to premium yield opportunities, without spending exorbitant gas fees, through the backing via the treasury. Buy and stake ALD EASY MODE.
  • Boule council now less constrained on what they can vote in.
  • Aladdin becomes a diamond hand for holding token supply for supporting protocols, we are DIAMOND HANDs.
  • In new system, DAO holds LP tokens, and we make decisions on liquidity on other protocols. Our strategy is farm and hold, so now that the DAO controls the LP tokens (or w/e) through bonding, we truly lock in liquidity for our partners, becoming valuable protocol partners.

Community engagement strategy in preparation for launch.

  • How do we maximise attention in preparation for development of new token economic plan.
  • Leveraging an airdrop.
    • Previous airdrops were sort of success, quizzes were sybil attacked.
    • Allocation of tokens to airdrop.
    • Problem with previous airdrop. Lots of attention, but it came and went, its not sticky, no mechanism to engage after.
    • 3 user bases
      • Users from partner protocols.
        • Work with community managers to choose most active users, we airdrop them token.
        • These are the users who will potentially use our vaults and bond/stake.
      • We airdrop to Boule Plus members, they are our most active, and it incentives new members in lead up to airdrop.
      • Invite/referral (invite 3 people to our discord). Anyone discord user can go through this.
  • Conduct a whitelist for the staking pool.
    • Drop an announcement for whitelist day of airdrop.
      • People can stake their airdrop. Maybe getting into whitelist autostakes their airdrop.
      • 3 priorities for staking pool.
        • Boule Plus get auto access.
        • Users from protocol partners, will need to go through additional steps.
        • Any user. Steps developed for this to become apart of whitelist.
      • All users who wish to bond will get access to the staking pool, by passing the whitelist.
  • Also have worked on parallel theme narrative. Have gone through before. Mystery School narrative.
    • The point here to capture (esp retail) attention in a way that protocol value proposition can’t.
    • Provides a lot of room for memetics.
    • Only requires 30 seconds maybe for people to find the theme narrative interesting. Tie that in with buy/stake token, people instantly get interested.
    • IN our marketing material, interwove it with narrative of value prop.


  • We should autostake airdrop – btt
  • Which user are limiting to access to only one user basis? It only limits people who want to market buy and stake? They will have to go through the whitelist. - crougeur

AladdinASK – pauls
 Discord might not be a great platfrom – Sharlyn
 Q&A section of the forum. Users can ask questions to the Boule Council. Boule Council will answer. Best questions per round, get reward/bounty/prizes.