UX & $ALD Token Economy Improvement Proposal

Since I joined Aladdin DAO community, I spent sometimes to think about how we can improve our UX to attract more users to this pioneer project, and also to accelerate $ALD asset value growth. I summarized my idea on the below.

Please take a loot at it, and hope we can realize these together :slight_smile:

-UX Improvement Proposal

a)Boule Council Recommends

This should be the top page of AlladinDAO. The below page is the one.


I think to pick up the best three vaults will be easier for retail investors to chose their favorite one smoothly: One is low risk, the other is middle risk, and another is high risk.

But, I think we need to clarify the definition of risk level such as APY, Hacking Risk, Liquidity risk, etc. And we should explain those risks to retail investors. Such simplified objective evaluation axises will help retail investors chose the right one with lower friction cost.

I expect that Boule council refreshes the above recommends every 6 months. This page works like Big Brain curation.

b)Each Boule Recommends

The second is Each Boule Recommends. Currently, we don’t have this page yet.

From Aladdin DAO perspective, how we can help each boule to effectively appeal themselves as DeFi professionals to all retail investors who visit to our site is critical requirement to increase our site traffic.

Retail investor can follow/unfollow each boule. And, Each boule can refresh their recommends and the reasons any time they want. This reasons will also work like effective educational contents for retail investors to learn about DeFi.

Also, we can test variety of simplified objective evaluation axis by each boule. They should have such freedom to test their idea. Some of our new discovery through user interaction will polish the selection of Boule Council Recommends, too.

Thus, this page works like Social Curation.

c)Innovation Zone

The thirds is Innovation Zone. As we know, we should open to every innovation potential on DeFi space while some of retail investors prefer such high risk bet on DeFi. Thus, this zone will fit to their taste.

But, we need to set some rules for the selection process because Aladdin DAO is curation platform. User’s expectation for curation is that they can access to high quality of information on our site. Currently, I think to require three reference by boules will be effective, but, we can apply other better idea here, too.

I also think that we can find the future boule candidate from this zone. This is also a kind exciting that any new DeFi genius will come up from here.

I think the above UX improvement will excite users and accelerate those users to purchase the vaults trough Aladdin DAO.

-Token Economy Improvement Proposal

Another improvement proposal is about $ALD token economy.

I found that we are working on veCRV staking model on Boule Council Recommends with $ALD. I love this idea because we can attract more retail investors to buy their favorite vaults through AladdinDAO.

Then, additionally, I have some improvement proposal to strengthen $ALD token economy. Thinking about the core value of curation platform, we should function like the gateway for every retail investors to invest in DeFi. This is our primary role. This means Aladdin DAO is just like Decentralized Amazon or eBay for DeFi.

So, we provide user acquisition for each yield farming products such as YFI. Then, we ask them to share some of their revenue. They can register their vaults product on our site like merchants on E-Commerce.

Then, that revenue should send to us by $ALD in order to increase buying power of $ALD from token economy perspective.

More than that, we should burn 50% of this revenue share. This will bring us deflation economy effect on $ALD token. Of course we can change this parameter.

More user acquisition, more $ALD burn. As same as EIP1559 model.

Warm regards,


Nice proposal! Liking your UI layout in general.

Regarding the tokenomics, I think it can create values, depending on

  • if there is enough of a demand from protocols for our supply of users, and
  • if we can provide enough incentives so users will stake through us instead of by themselves

This pretty much puts us in the category of LaaS. I think more thoughts are worth giving to it.

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I agree as a way to increase the value of ALD Token.
<-Token Economy Improvement Proposal
<This will bring us deflation economy effect on $ ALD token. Of course we can change this parameter.
<More user acquisition, more $ ALD burn. As same as EIP1559 model.
I want to improve the benefits of holding an ALD Token.

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