Expanding the Boule Council’s responsibility beyond liquidity mining

Hey AladdinDAO community,

If there’s anything that the DeFi community should be learning from the recent NFT craze is that the crypto community is extremely dynamic. It is growing and morphing into many shapes and forms, often within days.

AladdinDAO should also be flexible and adaptable enough to catch the latest trends. After all, our ethos has always been to be the place where the best crypto brain power gathers and works for the benefit of all $ALD token holders.

Now that we’ve bootstrapped our community, it’s time to open up Boule’s intellectual capabilities and make it composable with the entire crypto community.

To kick start the conversation, I would like to throw out a few ideas for the community to expand on further.

  1. Claim assessor for insurance products

Is it reasonable for Nexus Mutual to appoint their token holders as claim assessors given the conflict of interests? I believe that our Boule definitely has the capabilities to make such judgement. More importantly, we are independent and neutral.

  1. Investment decisions powered by wisdom of crowds

Primary investment

Once the network is bootstrapped, AladdinDAO is the perfect platform to provide consensus-as-a-service and liquidity-as-a-service to early stage projects.

Secondary investment & derivatives

How about turning Boule council’s judgement directly into token trading?

I want to throw out these ideas for the community to iterate and get more creative. Boule’s intelligence can be turned into all kinds of DeFi products regardless if it is primary/secondary or spot/derivatives.

The design space is massive. The community’s creativity will go way beyond people’s imaginations.


Great initiative @sharlyn ! The ones I can think of at the moment are:

  1. Asset management.
    Inspired by dHEDGE DAO, since we have the in-house resource already, it makes sense to construct an asset management structure where the Boules competence can be further utilized.

  2. Index portfolio
    Each Boule member has their unique set of skills and strength in a particular sector. Creating various index portfolios according to their areas of expertise can benefit the community in catching the trending narratives when the timing is right.

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