Proposal to add LOOT mining (Detailed)


The core of AladdinDAO is to curate the best assets and strategies in the DeFI space. As NFTs establish itself as a new asset class, AladdinDAO should incorporate it as part of its ecosystem. This proposal is to add NFT mining rewards to AladdinDAO, starting with Loot ecosystem NFTs.

Why Loot
Loot and its derivatives have absorbed a large share of the crypto community and building power. Adding ALD liquidity mining with Loot can set an example of how NFT can be composable with DeFi . It can also help to bootstrap AladdinDAO’s community upon the genesis of ALD reward mining.

Proposal Detail

Reward Emission:

  • Allocate a total of 1 million ALD tokens for Loot mining incentive
  • Rewards are emitted over 30 day period.
  • New governance voting to determine whether to continue reward after 30 day emission.

Elligible tokens and allocations:


Ploot is the most nft holder project among them. They should have a higher allocation.


PLOOT!!! Ploot is the most nft holder project among them.

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no idea what this is, and i dont want to know, LOOT is the only one valuable.

As with lootproject , xloot , moolt and ploot also have a strong and creative community . So that means they all have value, we just need to discuss how much they are worth .

This is a great idea. I’d be in favor of having most of the rewards accrue to LOOT, though and would propose a split more like the below:

LOOT, 80%
MLOOT, 10%

What percentage of the ALD token supply would be allocated towards this if we set incentives to a fixed amt of 1m ALD?


Loot xloot may be enough

yeah!Ploot is the most nft holder project among them.