Boule: Change voting on projects

The problem as described by Sid in the working group channel on discord

We have a total of 8 projects per month from our research discussions every week. My main critique is that it’s difficult to predict what projects are coming down the pipeline in order to save our votes. The original intention of the 4 votes per month was to ensure that boule members are selective with the projects they choose. But I think we can have 8 votes and still be selective since you can vote no on projects you don’t want added. Right now, even no votes are counted as part of the 4 votes if I understand correctly. Giving the opportunity to have more than 4 votes will ensure boule members have a way to voice their opinion for every project that’s being discussed in the research calls.

On reason the voting process was done like this is to reduce possible collusion. We came to the conclusion that at the moment this is not of concern because the boule membership is sufficiently broad.

After some discussion on discord we all agreed that we will change this:


  1. Vote on every project recommended
  2. A neutral vote is added to the yes or no vote. Neutral votes will not be used to calculate boule member performance.


  • Allow voting for every projects solves the existing problem of saving up votes
  • Voting on every project allows to collect more data point on voting and thus better calculation on the performance of the boule members
  • A neutral vote helps to register that you have voted. A neutral vote should be made if you think you don’t have enough information about the project or if you are neutral to this project. If no neutral vote is available, some voters just vote with the majority, which generates a fake signal.

I make a signal vote here, so that the whole community can express their opinion, but we will also initiate a boule vote on snapshot ~24h later if no opposition is meet.

  • Yes, change the voting
  • No, keep it like it is

0 voters


So we voted on the boule 3 yes / 0 no!

So the voting running right now is done by the new voting system.

Participation has been limited, because at the same time no voting on project has been running.