New Member Proposal: masa

Hello All, this is Masa ( also know as mr.masa on Aladdin DAO community) and I’m proposing to join as a Boule Member.

Since last September, through my close friend’s introduction, Mai, she is also well-known as MissBitcoin

and an angel investor of Aladdin DAO, I have been helping Aladdin DAO as one of core contributors mainly for marketing and community dev.

With $ALD’s latest token economics overhaul, I see big potential of Aladdin DAO as “Decentralized Berkshire Hathaway”. Actually, I was also planning to build DAO based crypto fund, but, this new ALD token economics convinced myself to become a Boule because I deeply understand that to gain such bright core team, smart boule members, and powerful backup by leading crypto VCs is not easy. Thus, I would rather contribute myself to make this great innovation happen together with you seriously and delightfully.

Here is quick intro of myself. I am Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and YouTuber. My main interests are Post Capitalism and Singularity.

I got involved in crypto space since November 2013. I am Co-Founder & Ex CEO of Orb which created world 1st linear-scalable DPoS based BaaS and incubated stable coin and dApps platform ( the closest project will be LUNA ) . I raised USD5.5MM from eight VCs, scaled up to 30 team members, and was finally acquired by SBI Holdings in February 2018.

I started my private angel fund for crypto investment since March 2019, and the total return is +1450% as of now excluding my ALD tokens which I HODL. I publish my portfolio allocation and performance every week on my YouTube here

My strength is growth and early stage investment for all crypto asset. For your reference, attached is my latest portfolio allocation and performance.

Truly hope I can restart my contribution to Aladdin DAO as a Boule soon!

Warm regards,



Hello, masa.
I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a while now.

I know that you definitely have a foresight for early stage crypto assets.
For example, $AXS, $ANY, $DENT, $LUNA, etc. were introduced on your YouTube channel as worth investing in before the world paid attention.

As one of the Japanese crypto asset investor, I welcome you to join Boule Member.


Thank you Mr Masa! Excited to have you!


Thanks a lot for your support! I have been always enjoyed and excited to working with you since last year!

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Mr Masa, I’ve been following since you started your channel. You are probably one of the best youtube channels about crypto in the whole space. I love your first principle approach.
Hope you become a Boule member


Thanks a lot for your support!