CTR and CLEV Whitelisting


This is an information post made in the interest of transparency and clarity, and to offer a chance for the community to provide feedback.

Since launching veCTR and veCLEV we have, on two occasions, been approached to add multisig addresses to the associated whitelists for locking. The team has granted both these requests. In the view of the team, whitelisting multisig addresses (as opposed to other types of contracts) does not pose any more risk than a private address.

For users that wish to lock CTR and CLEV via a multisig, feel free to reach out to the team (privately is OK). The team will verify that the contract in question is in fact a multisig and add the new address.

For contracts which are not a multisig, the whitelisting process will be more formal and will require public transparency and feedback, as well as a community vote via Snapshot.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Aladdin Team

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Hi guys,
Thank you for this proposal.
We have a multisig here that we used for the CTR IFO, and would be delighted to whitelist it so to finally lock our CTR for the years to come.
Happy to connect @laurent_bn on TG