Multi-chain farming for the Concentrator

The Concentrator is now only on L1 it would be great to automate multichain farming.
This is an issue I have myself and would like to temperature check this before I write the technical specs for it.

Why not extend the contracts to do multichain farming.
For example, the arbitrum tricrypto pool brings in a nice yield … right now I sell the CRV I farm multichain, but it would be great if I can just stake my multichain Curve assets and farm that all back to L1.

Also on top of that, the current Concentrator setup, etc is great I would like to also expand this to something like Stargate, etc … and optimize the farming and staking.

Temperature checking if this is a direction it wants to go else I will potentially build it myself

Would like to discuss this topic.
If I get some support would like a small budget to work out the full technical specs and start building a prototype.

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