Good day DAO members, today i found out that ALD token can me bridged to BSC… this is a good news, while it was hidden in the shadows of the defi world, also found out that there is already a 100k liquidity pool on BSC.
my suggestion to get in touch with Pancakeswap, as of the defi lead dapp in BSC Amm,
if possible
try to negotiate the creation of farm and pool, (why?) this could be great in terms of expansion of multichain asset, pancakeswap has large number of users daily, which is great opportunity for new users to join the cause of Aladdin…
just in case
the bridge-

BSC token contract-

Liquidity pool

as per this minute - 50k usdc + 50k of aladin (equivalent of 337850 ald)
thanks for considering this as opportunity. comments are welcome, shilling is bad. im a rude person,


Great news! I hope we could integrate Aladdin Dao to BSC sooner!!

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idk but bsc is filled bunch of scammer

Nothing related to BSC directly. Every chain has bad actors, doesn’t describe the network at all. Next time do a better research.

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