Weekly Contributor Call Wednesday 11/03/2021 10AM EST

A link to the contributor call meeting. 2021-11-03_aladdindao_weekly.m4a - Google 雲端硬碟

Daylight savings in Europe - Martin
• Change time for contributor meeting?

New Contributors - Martin
• Btt, crougeur

Contributor Compensation document is finished. 6 levels of compensation is dependant on expertise and experience. - Martin
• Difference between L5 and L4 is full ability to self-start/take initiative consistently and independently. While L4 still needs a bit more guidance.
• Compensation has stablecoin and token payments. Token payment is vested for 6 month, and minimum token price is $0.10, such that if price goes below it, $ amount of tokens decrease. Contributors onboard this risk due to the nature of this work.
• Onboarding is two weeks. Payed half of the level.
• People should write down how many hours and deliverables for the day. Important to keep track and ensure work is done in a timely matter.
• Take note for future contributors. DAO’s require extra effort in taking ownership, take intuitive and be an independent self starter; this is just the nature of the industry and experiment we are in. Can’t expect this to run like a corporate structure.

Vote on consensus for minimum requirements of the Boule? Boule vote? – Martin

Some inactivity with some members in the Boule. Boule Plus is continually growing and showing initiative. What mechanisms can be made to further incentivise Boule Plus members and potentially turn into Boule members. - Martin
• Build incentivise mechanism for this? Just start the conversation. - Paul
• Boule Plus members have opportunity to pitch protocols for integration. Pair this with previous performance might give enough reason for Boule Plus to back themselves to becoming apart of the Boule. – Paul
• Note: Boule Plus are voting for under/over performance, rather the Boule is voting for integrating protocols. The two entities are actually voting on different things. Crougeur
• Boule Plus voting mechanism provides more granularity in voting performance in comparison to the Boule.

New token economic model - Sharlyn
• 100% yields go to treasury, yield and farmed tokens.
• Key change is that token emission will now be unchanged.
• A staking solution is added. For $ALD minted in each epoch (defined as every 24/48hrs can change, when the total value $ALD minted is more than the yield we take will be put into the staking pool.
• Long term design is treasury growth > token inflation value.
• Will aim to get this to market by end of November.
• Lock up is possible?
• Treasury is cumulative yield from all fees collected from all users who have received yield from our integrated protocols/pools.
• Potential xALD token used for auto compounding from the token pool.
• Key narrative: holding $ALD allows small players to get access to premium yield from DeFi, effectively providing priced out participants to now get access to DeFi.

• $ALD bridged don’t have access to governance. Maybe can bridge xALD instead?
• Staking and governance mechanisms need to be replicated.
• Community members could do this, shouldn’t be too hard. – Sharlyn
• Avalanche could be interesting too. - Paul