Weekly Contributor Call Wednesday 09/29/2021 10AM EST

A link to the Meeting recording. 2021-09-29_alladindao_weekly_audio.m4a - Google 雲端硬碟

The following are the minutes for the meeting.

Meeting Notes

  • Elections concluding shortly (both proposals will be summed)
  • Commitment and active contribution required to maintain Boule seat
  • ALD tokenomics model will evolve, should take a careful systematic approach considering long term impacts
  • The role for Boule members is not clear to everybody
    • Anybody can propose a project. A boule member should nominate for voting
    • Boule members should vote regularly - frequency will be flexible
    • WIll be regular research meetings for education
    • On-chain incentives are determined algorithmically
    • Looking into guidelines and tooling for paying off-chain contributors, ppl have varying skills
    • Treasury function: mostly stables at the moment, seeded ALD LP pool
  • Given the amount of valuable work going into research, can have a public blog section