Boule Members First Payout

Note: For boule plus members we intend a similar retrospective reward, detailed in a separate forum entry.

The Boule Council has been working hard for months researching, presenting, and voting on projects for Aladdin to list. Throughout the entire time this has been happening, they have not been paid, because the projects they have selected could not yet be listed. This is of course because Aladdin has been undergoing a necessary restructuring of its tokenomics. Protocols need to be integrated with Aladdin in order to calculate their P&L, which is the basis for Boule Council payments, and so the Council have been waiting and working pro bono.

This represents an incredible commitment from our already amazing Boule Council, and so we think that a bridge payment to the Boule Council is critical to provide at least some small reward for the services they have rendered so far, and signal appreciation for their patience.

The Aladdin core team is proposing a one-time payment to the Boule Council, totalling the amount of a standard payment of one epoch (1.35M ALD) distributed among the Boule Council members who have participated in the Aladdin process, as measured by their presenting and voting behaviour.

We propose measuring each boule member’s engagement as follows:

Presenting: 4 Points (fix for every boule member)
Voting on snapshot: 1 Point for each vote (Maximum 14 votes)

Max payment is reached if a boule member presented and voted on all proposals. This is also valid for the rest of the cycle which ends 30. December. 4 more votes have to be done for this cycle.

Because the cycle is not finished, the calculation can’t be finalized. We will pay out 60% of this payment in the week of christmas and the rest when we have voted on all projects after the end of this cycle.

Currently we are assembling the voting history and will present a sheet with preliminary numbers in the next few days.

We expect the average payout to be approximately 46’000 xALD.