AIP-02: Allocate part of Boule Council rewards based on community vote

A fraction (we propose 150k) ALD tokens allocated each epoch for Boule Council rewards should be distributed to three Boule Council members determined by the community to have contributed the most outside their normal voting and presentation duties. This might mean advocating for Aladdin in public channels (Twitter, interviews, etc) or it may mean presence and participation in community discussions on Discord or via other media. If it is outside the normal function of a Boule Council member and the community feels it is beneficial, it counts.

Note this proposal is only an adjustment to the existing structure, it does not allocate new tokens to the Boule Council.

Currently the Boule Council is compensated with ALD tokens based only on their voting history. This is great for incentivizing smart voting and selection of good protocols, however it does not reward broader participation with the community, or assistance in growing the community. Many Boule Council members are uniquely positioned to assist with both. As the mission of Aladdin coalesces around the idea of sharing knowledge and learning, and of course as we look to try to grow that community, there is a huge opportunity for Boule Council members to have a very high impact by participation outside their research and voting responsibilities. By carving out a small part of Boule incentives for those who help out in this way, we create an incentive for contributing to the community in other ways.

Each epoch a snapshot vote should be created for staked ALD holders (once v2 goes live) to vote for one or more Boule Council members who they believe distinguished themselves by growing or participating in the community in a meaningful and helpful way.

After each vote, the DAO will manually allocate 50k ALD to each of the top three voted members of the Boule Council.

The total allocation for Boule Council members will remain the same, but the ‘bonus’ allocation helps provide an incentive to chip in in other ways, to the benefit of everyone.

Polling Period
The polling process begins now and will end around 14:00 UTC on 29/11/2021. If Quorum is reached, a Snapshot Vote will be put up shortly thereafter.


  • Yes, allocate some Boule Council rewards by community vote
  • No, do not change Boule Council allocation structure at this time (see comment below)

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*Posted on behalf of the AladdinDAO core contributors team.

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I generally agree boosting boule participation. But have some worries with proposed rewarding structure. Let me address a sample situation. (Let’s assume that each boule’s activity can somehow be measured.)

Epoch 1

Total amount of Activity : 140

  • Boule member A : 50
  • Boule member B : 30
  • Boule member C : 21
  • Boule member D : 19
  • Boule member E : 18

Epoch 2

Total amount of Activity: 55

  • Boule member A : 30
  • Boule member B : 10
  • Boule member C : 6
  • Boule member D : 5
  • Boule member E : 4

1st Concern

Fixed amount of reward might not reflect gap between total activity between Epoch 1 and Epoch 2. However low activity at certain Epoch, we should pay fixed price.

2st Concern

Rewarding only top 3 might discourage future Boule member D, Boule member E activity.

Extra proposal

  • It might be reasonable differentiating rewarding cap each Epoch. There’s some ideas reflecting total amount of boule member activity.
    • Contributors could decide each epoch how much out of 100% reward cap would be best reflecting.
    • Since its $ALD holders vote, we can compare each epoch how much proportion of total $ALD holders voted for Boule activity reward. Total amount of this vote will differ each epoch and it can be a hint of total amount of Boule activity.
  • It might be more encouraging boosting everyone by relative vote ratio. We need all the participations big or small. (Of course size of reward should differ by how much vote they got.)

Hi ALD_WHALE! Thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

You raise some very good points, and I especially like the idea of using the vote totals as a gauge to how much boule engagement there was in a given epoch - the more people who actually bother to vote might indicate that more people felt someone did a good enough job to warrant it.

Speaking only for myself, I consider this proposal more of an interim solution, to help get a quick restructure in place so that we have a way to reward Boule members who chip in and help as the new tokenomic system is launched, and at a time when we’re trying to drive as many new users and as much engagement as possible.

I expect that this proposal will be put to a vote as-is, but no matter whether it passes or not I believe that there is appetite in the community for another proposal later on, after the dust settles a little on the tokenomic restructure, that further refines how the ALD tokens are distributed to boule and boule plus.

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Thanks crouguer! Good to know that details would be further discussed. Since we’re about to control ald emissions, it’s necessary either boule or boule plus allocations smartly rewards people, which need some flexible and complex criteria. I’ll wait for further updates.

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This is the snapshot proposal to vote for this change. This is a ALD tokenholder vote, please vote: