Multiplier rewards for Boule Plus members

Continual community engagement is critical for growth and longevity for any protocol. Bootstrapping the community with unique incentives can be a super interesting way to kick start this process.

Viewing any vibrant community in crypto, you’ll see a plethora of community assets created, shared and utilised by all members of the community. They drive participation and conversation, and are indicative that their is value in the community.

Community assets can include:

  • Creating Twitter threads on new developments or details of the protocol/community
  • Building and curating Memes
  • Constantly engaging on discord/twitter
  • Providing feedback and offering proposals on discord/forum
  • Helping onboard new community participants.
  • more

I propose a potential solution to further incentivise this process. Multiplier rewards. These rewards are offered to selected Community Members who are currently Boule Plus members, who have demonstrated continual engagement and provided exceptional value to the community. These individuals continually create and engage with community assets and act as a pivotal role to keep the community vibrant.

Every two weeks, concurrent with Boule Plus voting, the core-contributors come together and vote on a community member who is a Boule Plus member, to be boosted for a x2 reward multiplier on their voting rewards. This multiplier will last for 3 months before automatically ending. In order to get the multiplier back, the community member would have to re earn it, and still be a Boule Plus member.

We name these community members “Boosters”.

What do you think? Have ideas to expand on this?


Great idea! I think incentive like this makes sense, considering ald dao is at early stage. Early stage projects require as many enthusiasts possible.

We could play around with how much the multiplier is and how long it works, potentially make it a bit more dynamic, like maybe the rewards decay naturally overtime rather than abruptly stop, or maybe you could have stackable rewards for boost^2 maybe?!

nice idea, but the multiplied reward shouldn’t be taken from total reward of boule plus vote.

I agree with this. Maybe the extra funds could be sourced as apart of a Budget proposal from the Treasury of the DAO reserve? The community could put a budget proposal forward and then ALD holders could vote on the proposal?


Interesting idea, like to see how AlladinDAO community members use their own approach to market the DAO.