Propossal reward system

We would like to improve our proposal system, which currently does not have exact criteria.
You can occasionally see good comments and suggestions in community conversations within Discord and Telegram.
But those opinions end up only with their own thoughts. I want them to support the forum.
After all, our strength is created in the community. I think we need a system that fits that.

So, I would like to discuss some suggestions.
First, Boule and its contributors select the best forums created within a given time period or epoch. Community members who post forums are rewarded accordingly.
Selection is made through voting or screening. (There should be comments on the voting results.)
Selected forums will be applied as soon as possible.

Second, we need to establish a community reward system.
It is thought to be easy to miss in most governance systems.
It is important to encourage voluntary participation.
However, I think that their continued participation requires reasonable compensation, not encouragement.
You need an objective participation reward system that fits that.

  1. Best forum reward
  2. Maximum forum writing reward
  3. Maximum comment reward
  4. Tokennomics Adoption Reward
  5. Other.
    (These are for reference only, the exact system and compensation amount require detailed review.)

This is also important to the budget of the Treasury. Can the finance team support this?
Also, the thoughts of community members are important.
We need your replys.