Discussion : Setup a contributor reward pool and implement coordinape to allocate reward to contributors

The fundamental motivation behind this post is to maximize the engagement of community contributors to support AladdinDAO ecosystem through the implementation of a reward pool and the use of coordinape to manage the pool.

Currently, only boule/boule plus members in the DAO receive rewards from protocol, but the barriers are high, especially for those who want to be one of our boule members. But Aladdin DAO is not just composed of these Boule members. There are many contributors and potential contributors scattered in our community. Those community supporters are already engaged & have already been making meaningful contributions. This proposal would validate and give credibility to the role they are already making and make sure their contributions are not being ignored while offering a pathway for any additional contributors to join in future support of the team/protocol.

Therefore, I propose to allocate certain funds from the treasury to setup a community reward pool for contributor rewards and use coordinape to manage the reward pool.

Who is eligible to participate in the reward distribution:
Coordinape rewards should be open to all community members, whether they are DeFi experts or not, whether they have ALD tokens.

Any member can write a proposal and nominate themself as a contributor. The nomination proposal should include a basic introduction and an interesting contributing area.

No one will track one’s contribution because contribution recognition is the crucial feature of coordinape. But in case of dishonest behavior, DAO has the right to terminate one’s qualification to access the reward pool.

Which contributions are encouraged:
Community management, marketing, DAO2DAO relationship, education, newsletter writing, and anything could positively impact the AladdinDAO ecosystem.

About coordinape :
Coordinape is a tool for DAOs to incentivize, reward, and leverage their community contributors. It helps DAOs to scale and provides transparency on where resources and contributions are being allocated towards.

Financially rewarding contributors can be convoluted and time-consuming. This requires a lot of management and is difficult to scale, as it becomes harder to keep track of individual contributions.

Coordinape provides an alternative in which it’s up to each member to decide whose contributions should be rewarded.

Coordinape is very easy to use and works out of the box without impacting any current system and protocol. Cordinape has already been utilized in many other protocols and community DAOs.

Coordinape circle : To be discussed, suggest one circle per month.

Pool size : To be discussed , suggest to start from 100,000 ALD/circle, pool size can be evolve over time if there are more contributors.

Read more about coordinape :

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