The 1st Payout for Boule Plus Members

In a previous announcement regarding the 1st payout for Boule members, the payout for Boule Plus members was also briefly mentioned. This post aims to further detail the subject.

It has been stated since the inception of the Boule Plus concept, members will be rewarded according to their performance in correctly voting for / against the proposed projects / strategies. However, as the protocol has been in the process of significant upgrades, the original metric is no longer applicable for the first cycle of Boule Plus votings. Nevertheless, the Boule Plus members that have participated still deserve a reward that was promised at the very beginning. Therefore, similar to what has been done for Boule members, the payout distribution for Boule Plus members is based on their individual level of participation retrospectively as well. The basic rules are

  • In order to be eligible, an address needs to have acquired the Boule Plus status and voted prior to the announcement of the airdrop campaign (December 7, 2021).
  • Addresses on suspicion of sybil attacks are disqualified for the 1st payout. AladdinDAO core contributors reserve the right to determine such addresses.
  • The total allocation for the 1st payout is 260k ALD. The individual allocation a Boule Plus member may receive is proportional to the number of valid votes he / she had cast prior to the aforementioned airdrop campaign announcement.

The execution of the payout distribution is planned for week 51 of 2021, for both Boule and Boule Plus members.