AIP-04: Proposal to fund a in-house media channel for AladdinDAO

Community members - Subli, Kmets, CryptoProphet01 and DeFi Advisoor - are requesting AladdinDAO fund a grant for establishing a structured and consistent media channel that will aim at promoting any AladdinDAO projects and products. Its main purpose will serve to educate existing and new community members and boosters in a consistent way, onboard new users to try and use Aladdin’s products, host community spaces live online, and interview and connect with relevant figures and projects within DeFi. This grant will be for a period of six months, and, if found to be successful, will be brought to a continuation vote at the end of the period on new terms.

The AladdinDAO core team has developed two revenue-generating protocols in Concentrator and CLever. In doing so, each protocol has been designed with a Community Booster Program that incentivizes community members to generate content to promote the two protocols. In this process, several community members (Subli, DefiAdvisoor, Cryptoprophet, and Kmets) have proven their alignment with the DAO by providing consistent, coherent, and high quality content over the past several months. These efforts have resulted in bringing a great deal of attention and new investors/users to these projects. The group itself has seen their twitter following grow - and keeps growing, accumulating over 2m impressions/month on Twitter content at the time of writing this proposal. For several months, the group has consistently promoted Concentrator and CLever with the following regular community contributions:

The booster program, which will soon come to an end for Concentrator but continue running for Clever, has been set-up to reward individual efforts by promoting, boosting AladdinDAO communication. The community members formulating this proposal, hereby referred to as “The A-Team”, feel that they can leverage this impact by creating a more structured, multi-type media content, organization, and use their in-depth knowledge of both protocol understanding & marketing skills to achieve this goal.

The A-Team has found that their content and interests for the projects could be unified to amplify the communication around AladdinDAO projects. Some initiatives have already been active such as:

  • Holding 4x twitter spaces that were positively received by the community and the AladdinDAO team
  • Co-writting twitter threads that have generated the following engagement metrics:

As such, this group is motivated to form an in-house media channel that would be paid entirely separately from the Booster Rewards Program to produce regular content and continue driving value to the entire AladdinDAO ecosystem. The Booster Rewards Program will continue as is and all community members, including members of the media channel team, would still be eligible for those rewards.

The aforementioned group of Subli, DefiAdvisoor, Cryptoprophet, and Kmets, hereafter referred to as founders of “The A-Team”, propose for the initiation of the AladdinDAO media channel. The expectation is that this proposal is merely a starting point to establish a media presence that will continue to drive value to all AladdinDAO products. The expectation is for The A-Team to continue to produce regular high-quality content, and that should this initial experiment prove successful, pave the way for growth within the The A-Team to include new members and contents.

  • Initially, the A-Team will commit itself to producing the following content for the length of the term

    • A monthly newsletter made on Substack that consists of the following: (by Kmets+Subli)
      • An educational article
      • Statistics/Data Analytics section
      • Updates / News (tech, business, governance) around the 3 projects Aladdin/Concentrator/Clever
      • Example of a similar newsletter made by Subli:
  • Bi-weekly twitter thread aggregation article (frequency dependent upon available content) (by DefiAdvisor)

  • Monthly twitter spaces that may include special guests

  • All above contents will be released & shared on our respective twitter accounts, but also saved in one unique place that could be a blog or a Notion page dedicated to Aladdin DAO projects.

  • Duration: 6 months. Subsequent extensions will require additional AladdinDAO approval.

  • Compensation: A split of $15,000 in USDC and $20,000 in ALD tokens (current prices) for a total of $35,000 combined. The USDC will stream over the duration of the period and the ALD will be linearly vested over 6 months.

Polling Period
The polling process begins now and will end at 18:00 UTC on 01/03/2023. If Quorum is reached, a Snapshot Vote will be put up at 18:00 UTC on 02/03/2023.

For - The A-Team is formed and compensation methods begin vesting
Against - Nothing

  • For - The A-Team is formed and compensation methods begin vesting
  • Against - Do nothing

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My personal perspective here is that this is a great idea and I intend to vote ‘for’. I’d like to see where it goes during the proposed 6 month period. I would say that marketing and community outreach for Aladdin/CLever/Concentrator are areas where there’s a lot of room for improvement, and this seems like an interesting experiment to start to create an additional layer of content generation and outreach, less ad-hoc than community boosting and more independent than core contributors.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this proposal in a community call this Wednesday March 1, and I suggest anybody else who is able to join us in the Discord voice chat for that!

One area that I will be thinking and asking about is in how this work will differ from or expand on the booster program, which the A-team members will presumably continue to participate in. It’s not unreasonable that they should do so (after all, the team also participate in the booster program), however, it would be good to understand what the DAO is getting for this grant money vs what it is getting from the booster program spend. Off the top of my head, the main differences I see are in the amount, reliability and regularity of certain content, as well as the work of curating and centralizing the content (blog/Notion), but I’ll be keen to hear others thoughts here.

Anyway more people thinking about and working on more effective marketing are a good thing, and I’ve been very impressed by the work all the A-Team members have produced individually, as well as their understanding of Aladdin protocols.


Funding the four greatest minds in crypto to provide updates about the Aladdin ecosystem? Hard yes!


Love these guys and learn a lot from these guys


One more suggestion which i thought about it but it might a better one you guys can help on it.

We might raise the learn fund with different the Aladdin products token which might from the vault or donation. The fund will airdrop to someone using lottery system who answer questions in media channel/ twitter threads.


Thanks a lot @crouguer & @Tao for your comments. Let me try to answer all your questions.

Question from Crouguer: How the A-Team will add value on top of the content provided during the Booster Program:

The A-Team will provide a different type of contents that the one man job does, and will be accessible in a totally different way from an audience prospective.

Let’s place ourselves in the User/Community member shoes. As someone interested in Aladdin Products, as of today i can either:
1/ Scroll my twitter wall to see any news that may pop-up (or not due to Elon algo) or get notified when Boosters post tweet. Problem: All booster contents are not dedicated to Aladdin projects, Aladdin DAO related contents are therefore diluted on Twitter (the preferred Media choosen by the A-Team).

2/ Or join the discord and fthen ollow the discussion or wait for the announcments. Problem: Getting the right information on Discord is often a one-way flow. You need to be an active member: I ask a question and receive a reply. In addition to this, there are 3 separate channels, so if i want to folllow what is being said, i need to scroll the 3 different group of channels.

In order to try to solve the 2 above prolems, and using our knowledge of other projects on how to keep informed a community, the A-Team will aim at becoming a focal point of entry for Users & Community Members where anyone will be able to catch the essence of Aladdin Projects on different topics (Technical, Governance, UI/UX, Yield farming strategy, Financial Metrics, etc…). This will be achieved through 3 products:
1- Curation of best twitter contents => One place, one time a week to catch everything that is being said on twitter
2- Dedicated monthly newsletter => the only place where a 15minutes read will give you a full update of the Aladdin DAO projects
3- Podcast made by DEFI users for DEFI users, will be the place to discuss new farming strategy, what is best at the moment, providing some tips and also get some highly respected guests that could enhance the podcast to another level

Of course, this is just a beggining of what we propose here to achieve. These 6 months will allow us to fine tune our contents, build our audience and start engaging in a different but complementary way of the Booster Program. We’re pretty sure that during this timing, few other initiatives will emerge and could be proposed for launch.

This brings me to the question of @Tao . If i understand well, you’re planning to raise a Grant to promote engagement on social media about Aladdin DAO projects. This is exactly what the A-Team will be able to do and assist the DAO. By gathering 4 different talents, experiences & networks, we could bring the marketing targets at another level.

Tao, do you remember the Christmas campaign i did last year? That raised not engagement but excellent visibility about the protocol. Very simple to do, but with very positive feedback i guess.

Then for example, I’ve personnally applied for an Optimism Grant dedicated to promote engagement on an Newsletter focused on Optimism. I’ve partnered with Tide Protocol (decentralized quest organizer) to come up with this engagement campaign made up of different tasks ranked by difficulty. Since i cannot paste print screen of the proposed campaign, please feel free to visit the Optism forum to have a loko at my application where campaign details are well explained: [DRAFT] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] The Optimistic Series - Grants Council - Optimism Collective

So Tao, yes, we will look forward to support the DAO on your initiative, and it could be set up similar to the example above.

We hope these answers meet your expectations. I do apologize for having missed the community call this week due to working office hours, but i’m confident my 3 teamates did explain very well our intentions with this proposal.

Looking forward for any other question you may have.

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Thanks king!

Appreciate the support a lot - especially coming from you.

Wen will you join us for special reports and editions? :slight_smile: