AIP-10: Proposal to renew funding for AladdinDAO A-Team

AIP-10: Proposal to renew funding for AladdinDAO A-Team

The AladdinDAO’s in-house media channel, The A-Team, is requesting a renewal of funding to continue operations for a new 6 month period.


For the past 6 months, 6 AladdinDAO community members (MetaCVX, Tao, DefiAdvisoor, Cryptoprophet, Cryptovestor, and Kmets) have continually produced content in various formats in a consistent manner to promote AladdinDAO through the in-house media channel known as “The A-Team”. This group’s goal is to produce consistent media content with the expectation to grow the awareness of Aladdin’s core products and on-board new users to the Aladdin ecosystem.

Over the past 6 months, the A-Team has accomplished the following goals:

  • Defacto on-call media team to Aladdin DAO to interview a variety of guests and protocols on X spaces. This has lead to an increased frequency of twitter spaces, and included notable guests outside of Aladdin and within the Curve ecosystem…such guests included:

    • Convergence
    • Curvance
    • Asymmetry Finance
    • Napier Finance
    • Gravita (hosted by fx/AladdinDAO)
    • Redacted Cartel (hosted by fx/AladdinDAO)
    • Lido (hosted by fx/AladdinDAO)
    • EtherFi (hosted by fx/AladdinDAO)
  • Became an integral part of outreach and educational opportunities by speaking about the new f(x) Protocol on such defi shows as:

    • Flywheel Defi
    • DefiDad’s The Edge podcast
    • Leviathan News
    • The Llamas Graze
    • Reserve Community Call
  • Attendance at ETH Denver to promote fxUSD (Tao)

  • Partnership with The Llama Market to set up an AladdinDAO merchandise shop and also assist with Monthly giveaways

  • Continued output of material in regards to articles, newsletters, and uploads of twitter spaces to youtube

As the team has started to “find its niche” to reach defi audiences and expand awareness of AladdiDAO products, the A-Team is motivated to continue their efforts to promote AladdinDAO and work to expand the awareness of the core protocols through a new funding proposal.

The A-Team is committed to creating consistent and meaningful content for the Aladdin DAO and continuing to be the outreach arm of the AladdinDAO for various media opportunities. To do so, the A-Team will not only consist of it’s current 6 members: Kmets, Cryptoprophet, DeFiAdvisoor, Tao, Cryptovestor and MetaCVX, but will also onboard one new member: Cyrille. Kmets will be stepping into a more managerial role this funding period, as he has double duties with being a core contributor as well, thus his compensation as an A-Team member will not be included in this proposal, but he will continue to receive his normal compensation as a core contributor to the DAO.

With this team in place, The A-Team will set itself to commit to the following for the length of the term:

  • On-Demand Twitter Space Interviews for the DAO
    • At least one space per month featuring Aladdin-complimentary DeFi participants
    • One space per month will be for Chinese language participants
    • Possible Spanish language space can be produced once per month if desired
  • Monthly Merchandise contests and X account content/memes.
  • Videos on X with soundbites from related X Spaces to serve as marketing material.
  • Speaking on various podcasts and live at various defi conferences/community events
  • A newsletter, produced as needed and as community content is produced.

Additionally, the A-Team, in partnership with The Llamas, will also begin to explore the feasibility of launching a community built and managed website that will serve as a “Grand Central Terminal” for all of AladdinDAO’s products. This front-end aims to serve as a “llama airforce + curve monitor + defi llama” for Aladdin and its products. Features this website could possibly include:

  • A dashboard that depicts the user’s tokens and positions within the AladdinDAO ecosystem.
  • Centralized location of all current governance voting opportunities for all AladdinDAO protocols, along with additional features to streamline forum proposals and voting on proposals.
  • Centralized location listing all current yield/investment opportunities that are offered on various defi platforms for various AladdinDAO tokens/positions.
  • Batch transactions to claim rewards from any AladdinDAO positions

Terms of this proposal are as follows:

  • Duration: 6 months. Subsequent extensions will require additional AladdinDAO approval.
  • Compensation: A split of $29,360 in fxUSD and $39,600 in ALD tokens (most recent 30 day average price) for a total of $68,960 combined. The fxUSD will stream linearly over the duration of the period, and the ALD will be vested over a 12 month period.

Polling Period
The polling process begins now and will end at 18:00 UTC on 25/03/2024. If Quorum is reached, a Snapshot Vote will be put up by 18:00 UTC on 26/03/2024.

For - The A-Team funding is renewed and compensation methods begin streaming
Against - Nothing

  • For - The A-Team funding is renewed and compensation methods begin streaming.
  • Against - Nothing
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Thanks for writing this and putting this up my fellow co-founder of the A-Team Kmets.

Looking forward to the next period hopefully of working with the guys and the new addition - the great Cyrille!

I think we should maybe add that we will try to use broadcasts more than Spaces, having different shows within the A-Team, and grow our YT presence as well.

Good luck folks and appreciate your comments and support!

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I voted in favor as im quite biased but wanted to say these things to the community:

  1. Support us on all our channels and follow us, we have been grinding hard as a team for the past 12 months and some of us have been involved even before that, it’s awesome for us to know that our content reaches welcome listeners and viewers and is well received by you guys.
  2. Speaking for myself, the money is not really a motivation. I also have bags in everything ald (no finnie) so I’m spending time and focus here eitherway but I saw the long tail emission schedule and the plan to launch multiple projects and I trusted the dev team so I wanted to be involved long term in one capacity or another being bullish at the design choices & tokenomics around the time of the CTR IFO I also wanted to be a force that rewarded the initiative the team took by outsourcing their media channel to the community, I believe its a cool concept and I want things that I think are cool to work out. Lets go ham boys.
  3. Some alpha to you if you are not in the A-team but would like some dollars from ald:
    Join the booster program and shill the hell out of it => It is rediculously rewarding.
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Of course I agree.

Over the past six months, the A-Team has made connections with many teams to promote the usefulness of Aladdin products.
Without these activities, there would not be as many fxUSD liquidity pools.
And there are probably even more novel collaborations planned under the radar.

We definitely have a great product and the A-Team is scouting extremely talented members to spread it globally.
If the A-Team were not motivated, they would not want the talent on their team for fear of being accused of slacking off.

Imagine stopping the A-Team in today’s vibrant market.
It is hilarious that the DAO who made that decision is using the terms “Big Brain” or “CLever”.

Thanks to all of you for your great work.


Thank you so much Bakeneko! Appreciate it a lot!