AIP-07: Proposal to renew funding for AladdinDAO A-Team

The AladdinDAO’s in-house media channel, The A-Team, is requesting a renewal of funding to continue operations for a new 6 month period.

For the past 6 months, 4 AladdinDAO community members (Subli, DefiAdvisoor, Cryptoprophet, and Kmets) have continually produced content in various formats in a consistent manner to promote AladdinDAO through the in-house media channel known as “The A-Team”. This group’s goal was to produce consistent media content with the expectation to grow the awareness of Aladdin’s core products and on-board new users to the Aladdin ecosystem.

The A-Team initially set out to achieve the following results:

  • Monthly newsletters covering all aspects of the AladdinDAO ecosystem
  • At least once per month twitter spaces (occasionally with special guests within the Curve ecosystem)
  • Monthly Twitter threads detailing contributions from the community on twitter

The group met all of these goals, and in addition to those, also achieved the following:

  • Introduced an official mascot for AladdinDAO: Ali the Genie

  • Increased the frequency of their twitter spaces, and started to included notable guests outside of Aladdin and within the Curve ecosystem…such guests included:

    • Captain Rational
    • Convergence Team
    • Curvance Team
    • The Llamas Team
    • DeFi Cheetah and Winter Soldier (hosted by AladdinDAO)
    • Liquity founder Robert Lauko and TokenBrice (hosted by fx/AladdinDAO)
  • Became an integral part of outreach and educational opportunities by speaking about the new fx Protocol on such shows as:

    • Commonwealth DeFi twitter spaces
    • Blocmates podcast
    • DefiDad’s The Edge podcast
    • Leviathan News

As the team has achieved more than they set out to accomplish in their original proposal, and encouraged by the reception by the community and core team, the A-Team is motivated to continue their efforts to promote AladdinDAO and work to expand the awareness of the core protocols through a new funding proposal.

The A-Team is committed to creating consistent and meaningful content for the AladdinDAO and continuing to be the outreach arm of the AladdinDAO for various media opportunities. To do so, the A-Team will not only consist of three of its original members, Kmets, Cryptoprophet, and DeFiAdvisoor, but will also onboard two new members (but long time community participants) in Tao and MetaCVX. With this team in place, The A-Team will set itself to commit to the following for the length of the term:

  • A monthly newsletter published by Kmets + Tao (2 articles from Kmets/1 article from Tao)
  • Three Monthly Twitter Spaces - DefiAdvisoor, CryptoProphet, Kmets, Tao
    • At least one space per month featuring Aladdin-complimentary DeFi participants
    • One space per month will be hosted by Tao and will be for Chinese language participants
  • Monthly Merchandise contests and Twitter account content/memes - MetaCVX
  • Notion/Content Library - Kmets
  • At least once a month youtube channel updates with twitter space/podcast uploads and/or protocol tutorials - Cryptoprophet
  • Duration: 6 months. Subsequent extensions will require additional AladdinDAO approval.
  • Compensation: A split of $23,600 in fETH and $30,000 in ALD tokens (current prices) for a total of $53,600 combined. The fETH and ALD will stream linearly over the duration of the period.

Polling Period
The polling process begins now and will end at 18:00 UTC on 13/09/2023. If Quorum is reached, a Snapshot Vote will be put up at 18:00 UTC on 14/09/2023.

For - The A-Team funding is renewed for another 6 months and compensation methods begin streaming
Against - Nothing

  • For - The A-Team funding is renewed for another 6 months
  • Against - Nothing
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Will be an honor to get a renewal from the community. Feel free to share whatever you think about what we do and about what kind of content you all are interested that we bring to you. Very important for us to maintain a dialogue with the community. We’re here to push Aladdin forward, bring you all good content and create new connections and opportunities for the DAO!


Thank you for accept my request! I have had @aladdindao in my heart since Paul sent me that message that changed me completely, let’s liven up the team’s Twitter and many unique giveaways!


Aside from the proposal, I fully support it, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone on behalf of the ATeam that voted for us last proposal and the community who is helping enable the movement that we all form together. Im grateful to be here and I hope we continue to have the absolute best of times together.

Thank you.


Welcome brotherrrrrrrr

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Definitely hope to have both you and Tao on the A-Team ser!


As a community member, I really enjoyed all the newsletter and twitter spaces hosted by A-team so far. And it is my honor to join that awesome team to continue the mission.

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