Formalization of Aladdin Improvement Proposal

I think it’s good idea to see around how other DAOs have solved this, so I think we just collect/look at some Improvement Proposal of other DAO first.

Curve (quite loose): Proposals How-to - Proposals - Governance
GnosisDao: (very structured) : README: GnosisDAO Governance Process - GnosisDAO - Gnosis
Uniswap: (structured) Community Governance Process - Governance-Meta - Uniswap Governance
Sushiswap: (quite loose) About the Proposals & Proposal How-To - Proposals - SushiSwap
Balancer (none found) Proposals - Balancer
PrimeDao: Create Your First Proposal - PrimeDAO Docs

The mother ship: / EIP-1: EIP Purpose and Guidelines

This short research showed me that this can be done in very different ways :wink:


nice, curve is good point to take experience


I made a screenshot of curves template


good presentation on secure governance by OpenZeppelin Strategies for Secure Governance with Smart Contracts - YouTube