Setting Up a Legal Structure for Aladdin DAO

Dear Aladdin DAO -

My name is Alex, I’m from DAObox team. We have been closely observing the developments within the Aladdin DAO and noticed that you seem to be approaching or may soon approach the phase of legal structuring and the establishment of legal wrappers.

DAObox is proud to offer an unparalleled service for DAO legal structuring. This service currently has no competitors in the market, and it comprehensively covers all three crucial stages of a structure’s lifecycle: design, formation, and operation, allowing you to get everything that’s needed for DAO structuring in one go.

Why DAObox?

Decentralized Design: Structures we design are ultimately controlled by the DAO through robust control mechanisms. A well-designed system of checks and balances provides full protection for DAO members and property.

Anonymity: DAObox acts as founder of the structure, undergoing all KYC checks and screenings ourselves. This shields the DAO contributors and members from exposure and risks, allowing them to remain anonymous.

In-Fact Management: After formation, we assume the roles of director and supervisor of the newly established wrapper. Our team de facto operates the structure and administers its day-to-day operations within the mandate and under the supervision of the DAO.

Efficiency: As we conduct in-fact administration of the wrapper, the DAO is relieved from needing to hire C-level managers, service providers, and other personnel typically required to manage and operate the structure. We have all these areas covered.

Protection: As the managers and only persons accountable for the operation of the legal wrapper, we absorb all risks associated with the operation of the legal wrapper.


DAObox is compatible with all legal frameworks currently available for DAO structuring. Our preferred structuring option is an ownerless foundation in the Cayman Islands, which is one of the most flexible and efficient structures that can be used for DAO wrapping.

In addition, we can establish the DAO wrapper as either a DAO LLC or foundation in other jurisdictions. We can guide the DAO on selecting the most fitting structure, as well as governance and control issues.

It’s imperative to underscore that any legal wrapper necessitates the assignment of management and staff to operate the structure. However, with DAObox, there’s no need for the DAO to allocate key contributors or risk exposure. Our service includes assignment of a dedicated team equipped to take on directorial and supervisory responsibilities, guaranteeing efficient management of the newly formed entity on a daily basis.


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Gearbox Case Study - Case Study – Gearbox DAO - DAObox

I will check back on this thread to answer any questions you may have and provide additional information on our potential engagement if necessary. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

Best regards,