Boule: Code of conduct for Boule Members

After running voting and research presentation for almost a month, it’s time to discuss what’s expected from boule members. As boule members get a high percentage of the overall distribution of ALD we need to make sure that all members are long term incentivized and fair distribution is made.

I talked about this on several calls, so we suggest these rules:

Code of Conduct

Title Rule
Vote regularly Missing 2 votes per month results in automatic Boule exit
Research responsibly Missing research presentation in one cycle (15 weeks) results in automatic Boule exit
File a date Near the end of a cycle you have to choose on a date for the next cycle. We will contact you for this on different channels, but missing to allocate a date results in automatic Boule exit

|Show up on Weekly Boule Research Call|Missing 2 meetings per month results in automatic Boule exit|


If you pre-announce your absence, these rules will not be automatic.


You can be an inactive member for 1 month, but don’t get any reward and do not have any duties. This inactivity has to be pre-announces. After 1 month of inactivity without a clear intention to come back, exit will be automatic. If you come back out of inactive state, these rules have to be fulfilled for at least 2 months without any further absence.

Temperature check:

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Rules should be different, see feeback below

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Although it’s hard to be measured, it would also be constructive for boules to join discussions like governance, tokenomics. We need Big brains for everything.

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We have plans to ask them for feedback on the tokenomics.

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That would help a lot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I added this, after 5 yes vote. It’s a a ongoing pain, and boule member should just be more active.

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