The Boule Council is Expanding for Season 2!

Aladdin is expanding the size of the Boule Council by up to 10 members! Nominations for candidates are now open!

For the Season 2 Boule Council expansion, only current Boule Members will be able to nominate candidates for the election. Community members (including Boule Plus) who wish to be considered must solicit a nomination from an existing Boule member.

Boule Council members are encouraged to nominate candidates they believe possess an exceptional knowledge and understanding of DeFi which will contribute to the excellence of the Boule Council, as well as enthusiasm to participate!

Talent Hunter Rewards

A nominee who joins the Boule Council and goes on to perform well will earn rewards for their referrer!

Each epoch a separate pool of up to 50k xALD Talent Hunter rewards will be divided between referrers of the highest performing Boule council members. The referrer of any Boule member who qualifies for a performance reward in a given epoch will earn a performance-weighted share of the talent hunter pool.

Talent hunter rewards will continue to be paid every epoch as long as both the nominee and referrer remain members of the Boule council.

Election Process

Each candidate will be required to introduce themselves and share their background, as well as demonstrate the strength of their candidacy by evaluating a protocol or presenting a potential strategy, and/or participating in a live interview in a public forum. Details will be finalised once the number of nominees is known.

Nominations will be open until January 28, but early nominees may have the opportunity to present before that.

Thanks for @crouguer for writing this text!